ARC is rewarded for the delivery of Service Excellence on one of the world’s largest and most prestigious construction projects!

ARC Document Solutions

We are delighted and proud to have been awarded a prestigious supply chain partner achievement, for service excellence, on the globally acclaimed Hinkley Point C Construction Project, in Somerset.

ARC has been directly involved in the project, since 2015, and has been providing on-site print solutions, for HPC, since 2018.  During this period, our team have been commended, on numerous occasions, for exceeding expectations and delivering the highest possible standards of service and innovation.

ARC’s Special Projects Director – Steve Smith (pictured above) – has been instrumental in both securing the contract and delivering the on-site Print and Information Management Solutions, which forms the primary element of the service relationship between ARC and the site owners – EDF.

Steve commented on receiving such a prestigious recognition of the brilliant service levels his team consistently delivers:

“We’re absolutely delighted to have been recognised for the exceptional service levels we consistently strive to deliver and the award reflects brilliantly on an incredible team performance, which we work extremely hard to maintain.

To put this into perspective; there are literally hundreds of suppliers associated with this project, which makes our achievement even more special and enormously gratifying.

This is without doubt the most challenging and enjoyable project I have ever been involved in because our team is such an integral and intrinsic element of an amazing construction landmark, which will become a vital UK energy source for many years to come.

The scale and enormity of this project is staggering because it is literally like building a new city from scratch and witnessing the various structures gradually emerging, from foundation level, is truly awe- inspiring”.

Luke Smith – ARC’s Project Specific Business Development Manager (HPC) – works closely with the main contractors to ensure the ARC on-site team is consistently delivering what our client and sub-contractors need – when they need it!

“I have been fully immersed in the contract, since our introduction, and do everything I can to ensure our client is aware of anything, within our product and services portfolio, which may be of benefit to them… particularly in relation to the application of impact efficiencies, which can contribute greatly to the overall site performance; both during and after the construction and hand over phases of the project.

Steve and I recently presented one of our most innovative technology solutions – ARC Facilities Software – which is tailor made for a project of this scale and very large construction projects, in general. 

The vast and complex nature of the site project offices, and associated buildings, require immediate reaction to emergency situations, which can greatly limit the potential for vast sums of money to be wasted on avoidable delays in applying immediate fixes.

ARC Facilities Software will also limit the possibilities of expensive project delays by providing instantaneous access to the exact location and product information such as images, operation manuals etc. for multi utility shut off valves, isolators and other vital components requiring immediate attention.

The services we provide for the HPC site are multi-faceted and will continue to evolve with the transitioning needs and specific requirements of such a vast and complex construction project.

The Client – EDF – has been an absolute pleasure to work for, and with, since day one of our involvement and we very much look forward to further cementing our relationship with them during the remainder of the project… and beyond.”

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ARC Document Solutions

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