The Print & Plant Initiative

ARC has joined forces with One Tree Planted – the non-profit environmental organisation – to help our planet stay green and healthy!
Printing is such an integral part of our business and private lives, so it’s vitally important it doesn’t have a detrimental impact upon the world’s population of trees, which we need to produce the paper we print on.

Print & Plant is an initiative specifically aimed at ensuring at least one tree is planted to replace each one used to make 8,333 sheets of paper – the average volume of paper produced from a single tree.

What you need to know about our partner: One Tree Planted

Our valued partner in helping us to replace all our ‘paper trees’ with at least one other – One Tree Planted – strives to make planting trees as enjoyable and easy as possible… for everyone! Their model is simple and based upon the premise that one pound plants one tree; therefore, when you participate in Print & Plant, ARC will collect a donation based upon your monthly paper usage, we than match that donation and send it, on your behalf, to One Tree Planted. It’s as easy as planning a tree!

Partner image
Member Package

Print & Plant Program Member Package includes

  • Certificate of reforestation
  • List of global reforestation projects
  • Photos, videos and other resources to help demonstrate your environmental commitment
  • Use of the Print & Plant program logo and name to promote your own sustainability initiatives
  • (…and brownie points from the planet!)

We have already helped to plant 500 trees in

various locations in North America and the UK is the next location to be rolled out as part of this magnificent green initiative!