When it comes to Covid repellent surface protection… ARC now has your safety all wrapped up and captured on film!

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We’ve been busy covering accessible surfaces, within many UK organisations, with Antimicrobial Surface Protection Film, which effectively kills 99.9% of the Coronavirus structural proteins – immediately upon contact.

The film is easy to remove, residue free and easy to clean without any reduction in effectiveness, which has a longevity span of at least 4 years!

ARC’s Head of Sales for the UK and Europe – Darren Moorhouse – is delighted to be able to offer our existing and new customers this innovative surface protection against Coronavirus and other respiratory virus infections, such as Flu.

He describes it as a ‘game changer’… not only in the fight against Coronavirus but as an incredibly effective way of enabling companies to offer a preventative measure against high levels of sick days – many of which are currently induced by highly contagious respiratory infections.  

“We are continually providing our clients with new and imaginative ways to protect their workforce, customers, students, pupils and visitors, from the devastating impact Covid is having on Global business communities.

This ground-breaking product is enabling us to deliver ‘safe surface’ protection in all indoor environments and we are currently upscaling to meet an unprecedented demand for this safety solution, which will positively influence peoples immediate and future safety.

There is no doubt that Installing this impact deterrent, in active areas of the workplace, will have a major impact upon safety perceptions and confidence… it will also enable organisations to provide categorical evidence they are doing everything possible to ensure the immediate and long-term well-being of their most valuable assets. 

The Government’s new roadmap from lockdown has given us a clearer vision for an impending return to some semblance of normality; however, the Government’s Deputy Chief Medical Officer for England – Professor Jonathan Van-Tan – has recently stated that ‘We are going to have to live with Coronavirus, alongside other winter respiratory virus pressures, such as flu’.

This confirms what we probably all already knew so we must continue to evolve and develop new ideas to keep people safe and prevent exposure to potentially debilitating illness.

Applying this material to work surfaces and touch points, such as communal seating, door handles, handrails and even toilet seats, is providing organisations with a tangible safety asset and we are delighted to be at the forefront of delivering this product, which has no limits, in terms of applicable sectors”.

Perfect for EVERY sector, including retail stores, offices, nurseries, schools, administration, hospitals, retirement homes, clean rooms for the medical industry, pubs, hotels… in fact – every people place.


ARC Document Solutions

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