Hybrid Mail

Transform your traditional print and post services into an environmentally friendly, cost saving asset for your business!  Migrating to ARC’s Hybrid Mail solution will affect immediate operational efficiencies and costs savings of between 20 and 60%.

Outbound Mail Service

Hybrid Mail provides a postal service that enables users to send post in a secure manner, directly from their desktop (PC) or central data system / application.

No longer is there a need for in-house or outsourced mailing our service simply removes the need for pre-printing of stationery, and saves you money.

Hybrid Mail sorts the mail by destination postcode using Royal Mail Mailmark technology and prints the items in a secure, high quality print facility, then delivers into the relevant Royal Mail Inward Mail Centres for the final delivery.

How Does It Work?
Hybrid Mail is a unique Hybrid Mail service that allows you to create proof and send business and personal communications directly from your computer (PC, laptop or Apple device). No printing, stuffing envelopes or rushing to the post office. Simply create your letter or card and we will print it the same day for delivery the next day or two days later.

Not only can you process letters and cards, you can also send direct mail campaigns, payslips, reminders and other mass mailings. With an intuitive interface you remain in complete control at all times.


Hybrid Mail Solutions offer cost savings, increased efficiency, and improved security by integrating digital communications with physical mail delivery.

How Hybrid Mail Works

Hybrid Mail converts digital documents into physical mail for delivery, using automated printing, folding, inserting, and posting, with tracking and reporting capabilities.

Types of Hybrid Mail

The main types of Hybrid Mail are ‘software’ based, which use a web interface to send documents, and ‘hardware’ based, which use dedicated equipment for printing and mailing.

Benefits for Businesses

Hybrid mail can save businesses time and money by streamlining document processing, reducing mailing costs, increasing speed and accuracy, and improving data security and compliance.

Future of Hybrid Mail

Businesses are increasingly adopting digital forms of communication, and hybrid mail solutions continue to improve efficiency, security, and sustainability, through innovation and integration with emerging technologies.

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The benefits of Hybrid Mail

Hybrid mail is a type of mail service that combines traditional postal mail with digital technology. It enables businesses and individuals to create and send physical mail, such as letters and postcards, from a computer or mobile device, without having to print, stuff, and stamp envelopes.

To use Hybrid Mail, you need to upload your document to an online platform or software that provides hybrid mail services. The platform will then print, fold, and insert your letter or postcard into an envelope, add postage, and send it to the destination address. The entire process is automated, and you can track the delivery status of your mail through the platform.

Hybrid Mail is a convenient and efficient way to send physical mail without having to leave your computer. This can save time, effort, and money. In addition, hybrid mail provides tracking capabilities, so you can monitor the progress of your mail delivery in real-time.

Yes, Hybrid Mail is secure. The platforms that offer Hybrid Mail services use encryption and other security measures to protect your data and prevent unauthorized access. They also comply with data privacy regulations, such as GDPR and CCPA, to ensure that your personal information is handled safely and responsibly.

To use the hybrid mail service with ARC UK, users need to create an account on their website. They can then upload the mail document and customise the recipient address and mail contents. ARC UK will print and mail the physical document on the user's behalf.

Users can send a wide range of physical mail documents through a hybrid mail, including letters, postcards, marketing materials, invoices, and more.

Yes, you can send international mail using Hybrid Mail. Most Hybrid Mail platforms offer global delivery options and can handle different postal regulations and customs requirements.

The cost of Hybrid Mail varies depending on the platform and the volume of mail you send. Some platforms charge a flat fee per item, while others offer bulk discounts or subscription plans. In general, Hybrid Mail is more cost-effective than traditional mail, especially for high-volume mailers.