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Give your business an intensified visibility and appeal with stylish and bold advertising flags. Printed with premium quality ink and waterproof knitted polyester fabric create mirror image brand promotion on both sides. If you are looking for new ways in getting your message out to potential customers, marketing flags can do it the right way. Explore our widest range of advertising flags in the form of environmental graphics, retail graphics, events and tradeshow graphics, signage design and fabric printing service for enhancing outdoor promotion for your business.

Feather flags make sure visitors and prospects take notice of your company or promotion as they pass by. Choose a flag from ARC to increase visibility and attention while adding vibrant color to your brand.

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More About Flags

Place custom-printed flags in front of your home or at your business’s door. Passive attention is triggered by marketing flags. They’re bright and noticeable, causing others to look at them even if they don’t plan to.

Companies can use banners and flags to reach out to more customers for less money than they would pay to hire a billboard. Because of their inexpensive cost, businesses can place more of them in more areas and reach a much larger audience.

A feather flag is a type of advertising banner that businesses, event organizers, and others use to promote their company, brand, or event. The name “feather flag” stems from the flag’s shape, which resembles a bird’s feather.

polyester fabric in white White polyester cloth is used to make feather flags. They’re printed with dispersion dye ink sublimation, which allows the artwork to bleed through to the other side of the fabric for a mirror effect. The flag is affixed to an aluminum or fiber glass base attachment for added stability, especially in windy circumstances.

Flags are an excellent way to promote your business — both indoors and out. Advertising flags are easy to set up and ideal for getting people’s attention and getting your message across to them. You can use business flags in a variety of ways.

Feather flags are one of the most common promotional items used to bring attention to an event or storefront. Feather flags are designed to display short messages and brands to foot and street traffic and are named after their feather-like structure.

These advertising flags, also known as company banners, are available in a variety of sizes and bases.

A flag is a piece of fabric that swings freely from a pole’s edge. One or more poles are used to hold a banner in place.

A banner is a flag or other piece of fabric with a symbol, emblem, phrase, or other message printed on it. A banner of arms is a flag with the same design as the shield of a coat of arms (although usually in a square or rectangular shape).

While flags and banners appear to be similar on the surface, there is a significant distinction between the two. A flag is a piece of fabric that swings freely from a pole’s edge. One or more poles are used to hold a banner in place. A similar design yields a different outcome.

A heraldic flag is a flag with coats of arms, heraldic badges, or other personal identification devices in heraldry and vexillology.

One of the most diverse but simple marketing and advertising displays is promotional flags. They’re meant to be used outside, but their adaptability allows them to be utilized almost anyplace. Forecourts and outside showrooms or retail companies, car shows or sporting events, music festivals or local community fairs, advertising campsites or holiday parks, or for indoor/outdoor use at corporate events or exhibits are the most usual places to locate them.