Large format document scanning will digitally convert all your oversized documents for easier and more secure access, and collaboration. This digital conversion will improve your teams’ productivity and will speed up transitioning to a paperless office.
Large format scanning goes beyond scanning blueprints, and it isn’t just for the AEC industries. We work with a wide range of customers that want to transition to a more secure and faster way to access, share and manage their paper documents of any size and any format.

Most common large format documents, we can scan:

  • Engineering drawings
  • Topographic maps
  • Site/Plan drawings
  • Sketches & Artwork
  • Architectural renderings
  • Building plans or drawings
  • Part Drawings
  • Blueprint drawings
  • Manufactured product designs
  • Schematics
  • Circuit diagrams
  • Specifications
  • Cartographic and other maps

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How do document scanning services work?

Here are the steps of our general process for document scanning:

  1. Large format documents are barcoded for inventory control
  2. Documents are prepared for scanning
  3. Documents are scanned (images captured to digital format)
  4. Scanned images are quality checked for clarity & completeness
  5. Documents are reassembled for return to customer
  6. Or original documents are prepared for destruction
  7. Scanned images are processed into final format deliverable (including file naming and folder structuring)
  8. Deliverable images are delivered to customer (via SkySite, SFTP, Thumb Drive, or CD/DVD)

Bulk Document Scanning Service

Your documents and information are safe with us. Our team of document conversion experts keeps a highly secure chain of custody as seen in the workflow below meeting the most stringent requirements.


Barcode all boxes
and documents


Inventory and secure
seal documents at
customers sites


Secure transportation
of documents to
Secure ARC Scanning Centre


Inventory & confirm sealed boxes at
ARC Scanning Centre


Secured and
surveilled storage


Prepare documents in
secure environment


Scan documents, data
encrypted at rest


Document indexing and
data normalisation


quality review


Image processing
and OCR


Image and data migration,
encrypted at all times




Secure transport of
documents, return to


Certificated document

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Document Scanning Service Types

We offer several types of document scanning services:

  • Scan by the box services - you box it, we scan it

    We simplify document scanning. You box it and we do the scanning. Only £129 per box. With 140 scanning centers to serve you, we will digitise your documents in no time.

  • Business document scanning services

    By scanning all your business documents, you will gain complete access to your paper information in an organised easy to find digital format, while enabling quick search capabilities. We will assist you with document retention, eliminating all paper files, and go-forward scanning plans. Your team will realise tremendous productivity gains by collaborating faster and more efficiently.

  • Blueprint and map scanning services

    Scan and digitise large format documents such as maps, drawings, and blueprints to gain major benefits such as improved accessibility and enhanced security. You are always looking or working from the latest set easily shareable. And storing is no longer an issue, and you can save valuable physical space.

  • Medical scanning services

    Improve patient record management and security level thanks to electronic medical records or EMR. By scanning and digitising all your paper documents including medical records, facilities documentation as well as billing and accounts receivable paperworks will make your healthcare organisation more efficient and secure. We meet requirements and can handle PHI/PII records.

  • Legal Document scanning

    Save money on storage costs and save valuable space when you scan and digitise all legal and business documents. The digital conversion will give you and your team access to your crucial information anytime and from anywhere.

Other optional services and add-ons

  • Indexing
  • Searchable OCR
  • Shredding
  • Data on DVD or hard drive
  • Upload to client's own portal
  • Custom batch uploads

FAQ : Large Format Scanning Services

ARC Document solutions ( ) has 140 scan centres in North America, the UK, Dubai and India,

ARC can scan the drawings within 1-2 days. Please bring it over to any of our document scan centres and we will get it done for you.