Digitising Documents – A Step Towards an Innovation

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Scan by box is a great move towards creating a paperless office. Scan all your documents and index them at an unbelievable price. Place all your documents in one box and give it to us. Scan by box gives you the convenience to digitalize all your paper documents and index them safely in cloud storage. 

At ARC, we understand how important it is to keep all documents and files safe. We offer the best-in-class documents digitisation, document imaging, and storage services. Our highly efficient team of professionals scans all your documents and indexes them in a safe cloud storage drive that is easily accessible at anytime and anywhere.

Adopting this new approach of digitalizing documents can help your organisation to become competitive and catering to the requirements of customers in the best way. 

How does it work? 

All the stages of the document scanning process are handled by our highly efficient team of experts who focus on quality check, document scanning, and final delivery. We maintain a transparent process that ensures confidentiality and superior-quality document scanning. 

Why choose scan by box? 

  • Strengthen communication system across all departments and geographic locations
  • Improves document searching process 
  • Increase the productivity of an organisation
  • Initiate secure file sharing whenever it is required via the online platform
  • Reduce the risk of loss of documents
  • Enable more strategic use of office space
  • Helps to preserve documents for a lifetime

Security and Compliance 

At ARC UK, we ensure secured bulk document scanning and safe indexing that enable your team to access information at any time through the digital platform. Filing scanning and document management help in automating the workflow of an organisation and improves productivity. 

  • Track record of papers

At ARC, we maintain a track record of all your important documents using a barcode formula. This technology enables us to maintain a strict record of things like location, time, and information about the handler. 

  • Encryption 

All documents are encrypted in order to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of your important data.

  • Onsite security 

At ARC, we adhere to strict security protocols at every stage of document scanning. We understand the importance of preserving important documents safely so that no loss of data takes place. 

Try us:

Trust us once and we will never let you down. We don’t compromise in respect of providing quality work to our customers. Our scan by box document scanning service is one of the most effective and affordable solutions to follow the trend of digitalisation. Give us a try and see the magic!


ARC Document Solutions

When we created ARC-UK, we did so with the express desire of bringing a unique offering to the market – the diversity of a complete print manufacturer combined with bespoke design and brand management.

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