ARC has introduced a unique range of Social Distancing Materials to help your School remain free from Covid-19 and fully prepared for the safe return of Children, Teachers and Auxiliary Staff.

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Please take some time to review our ‘Schools’ safety catalogue, which contains a bespoke range of Social Distancing applications; required by the UK’s Schools, in advance of welcoming pupils and staff back to an environment, in which they will feel completely safe and secure.

Our world class team of designers has worked closely with our Social Distancing and Safety Specialists to create a suite of unique applications, which can be used, within any School environment, to create easy to understand safety messages, which are fully compliant with the UK’s Government Guidelines.

ARC’s Global Safety Teams are the most experienced and knowledgeable in the world because we had the foresight to develop an evolving strategic service platform, as we became aware of the developing situation with the seemingly uncontrollable spread of Covid-19.

As a UK Government Approved Supplier – ARC has always had an obligation to remain operational in order to support vital National Infrastructure Projects and Services. This has enabled us to develop an innovative and cutting-edge service provision, which is wholly safe and fully compliant.

We have provided State-of-the-Art Social Distancing Signage and Safety Packages for some of the world’s most prominent organisations and have received numerous recommendations from worldwide business sectors.

ARC is passionate about the safety and well-being of the nation’s children and we are also fully focussed on providing help and support for our highly valued Teachers and School Auxiliary Staff.

We would love to talk with you so please get in touch to tell us about the specific needs of your School.

Our original and unique workflow process:

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ARC Document Solutions

When we created ARC-UK, we did so with the express desire of bringing a unique offering to the market – the diversity of a complete print manufacturer combined with bespoke design and brand management.

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