ARC has ensured our Managed Print Service customers have been in safe hands during their imposed downscaling and subsequent emergence from lockdown.

ARC Document Solutions

ARC provides the world’s only Managed Print Services Solution, which costs our customers absolutely nothing in a crisis.

Our model is simple and also the most efficient and cost-effective solution available for all your on-site printing requirements.

We establish your needs by engaging in an initial consultation, which is followed by a full audit of your existing print usage.  We then provide recommendations and a clear and concise proposal, which is easy to understand and highlights your projected expenditure and the guaranteed and immediate cost savings we can apply for your business.

Ian Krangel – ARC’s vastly experienced Head of Managed Print Services (UK and Europe) has been supporting our MPS customers, with any specific needs, during these challenging times:

“Our MPS customers have benefited hugely from not having to worry about paying for a Managed Print Service, which has not actually been generating any print during the Government’s imposed business lockdown.

ARC’s commercial model quite literally means our clients pay for print usage, and nothing else, because there are absolutely No Hidden Costs and No Monthly Minimum Billing.

The ARC MPS model is unique and provides our customers with the most comprehensive Local, National and Global service provision, which has been endorsed by two of the world’s largest providers of MPS hardware – Canon and Xerox.

My team provides our customers with a fully encapsulated support platform from the moment they commit to using ARC for their in-house print requirements – we provide full training and on-boarding and the aftersales service we provide is a wholly unique world leader!

As guidelines begin to change and evolve, my job is to mobilise and manage my team to ensure every one of our customers can seamlessly transition back to their pre-lockdown status, with minimum fuss and maximum efficiency.

If you are thinking about installing a Managed Print Service for the first time, or are about to renew your existing Managed Print Service contract; please get in touch to arrange a friendly on-line or on-site consultation, which I guarantee will make you consider ARC as your preferred choice.”


ARC Document Solutions

When we created ARC-UK, we did so with the express desire of bringing a unique offering to the market – the diversity of a complete print manufacturer combined with bespoke design and brand management.

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