Document scanning and management services

Get your paperwork organized into digital information

You know you are doing something right when your business starts generation a bunch of paperwork! Thereby, filling up valuable office space and leaving you with the inevitable burden of organising and storing them. Information is useful to any business process, so they must be retained. With ARC’s scanning services for small format documents you can retain all that information without the worries of storage.


Document collection and storage isn’t efficient and requires a lot of investment. Finding information when you need it can be difficult. So, the best way to archive your records is with a digital document management system. ARC’s document scanning services helps you prevent loss, save on storage costs and manages records easily. You can retrieve documents quickly, makes images centrally available and information distribution quick and cost free. Scanned documents can be transferred on a variety of portable media or uploaded onto propriety or hosted systems.
No matter how large or small your paper archive is, ARC offers a full range of scanning services. Our document management services range from scanning hard copy originals of any size, including small formats like microfilm, to data capture and archival of your information on our secure cloud solution – SKYSITE Archive.
Additionally, with our document scanning solutions, we also offer a completely free of cost document management audit by our experienced document management team. You also get an image sample from your documentation that is OCR-enabled.
Trust ARC’s document scanning and management services to take care of all your archival needs. For bulk document scanning orders, we will also store them securely, for free until the scanning process is complete.

Our document scanning services include:

  • Digital document management
  • Document scanning to archive
  • Document box storage and scan on demand
  • Scanning invoice processing
  • Scanning forms processing
  • PO Box scanning
  • Project document management
  • Electronic Mail Rooms


If you’d like more information, please contact us and we'll do our best to help.