PlanWell Facilities

Document collaboration made easy

Complete Brand Applications.

Organise, access, sync and share ALL your facilities documents and information: O&Ms, H&S, maintenance logs, shutoffs, emergency plans.


Accessible, Accurate Information: The Mobile & Cloud Advantage

Share, access, and manage all your most accurate facilities documentation and information in a secure cloud environment. Get real-time notifications of critical updates and verifiable paper to digital conversion.


Security & Protection

Best-in-class security products and processes, comes with detailed monitoring and reporting. Permission-based access (only authorised users can search, view and modify). Intelligent permissioning tools allow selective document access control.


Easy to Learn, Easy to Scale

A user-friendly, intuitive interface means that no training is required. A customisable environment that can match any workflow with the same tools for everybody on the team (virtual or not). Unlimited and scalable capacity.


Policy & Compliance

Efficient document retention for defined period, taking into account legal regulatory, business and operational requirement. Support disposition/purging of document upon expiration of defined retention period. Enable authorised personnel to periodically review and modify retention policies. Data verification and normalisation scrubs legacy data


Team Productivity & Performance

2-way auto-sync (desktop, cloud) means real time updates with no communication delays. Faster access to most accurate information and single source of truth for all crucial facilities information and documents. Improved collaboration.


Cloud Collaboration & Accelerate Knowledge Access

UK secure hosting on two data centres. Quickly connect project team members, making projects starts and document searches quick and painless. Every document has a complete version history. Enable seamless collaboration for internal & external users. In-depth & powerful search with in-document search across the entire document volume.

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