PlanWell Archiving

Safety and Productivity of Cloud Storage, Intelligent Mobile Search, and Enriched Data.

Complete Brand Applications.

PlanWell archiving captures, organises and centralises all your paper and digital documents for instant access to your information from any mobile or desktop device.

Digital archiving puts an end to inefficient searches through filing cabinets and dimly lit storage dungeons. Without the slow and costly workflow brought on by paper and decentralised document workflow, your organisation can finally move at the speed of digital.

Free from paper, free up budget

Eliminating paper expenses like printing, processing, and storage frees up cash for other organizational processes. What other improvements could you produce within the organization with the added budget?

Turn Archiving into a business strategy

Every document is a piece of intellectual property. Archives cloud application and digitising services allow you to easily secure and store that knowledge long after the original creator leaves the company.

Get back lost time and money

The average employee spends 1-2 hours a day searching for information. One ARC client had 8 employees losing 2 hours a day. At 240 work days, that = 3,840 wasted hours a year. With ARC, they saved £27,000 each month.

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