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Reduce your postage costs by up to 30% and increase productivity by up to 70% with ArcMail.

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Outbound Mail Service

ArcMail provides a postal service that enables users to send post in a secure manner, directly from their desktop (PC) or central data system / application.

No longer is there a need for in-house or outsourced mailing our service simply removes the need for pre-printing of stationery, and saves you money.

ArcMail sorts the mail by destination postcode using Royal Mail Mailmark technology and prints the items in a secure, high quality print facility, then delivers into the relevant Royal Mail Inward Mail Centres for the final delivery.

How Does It Work?

ArcMail is a unique hybrid mail service that allows you to create proof and send business and personal communications directly from your computer (PC, laptop or Apple device). No printing, stuffing envelopes or rushing to the post office. Simply create your letter or card and we will print it the same day for delivery the next day or two days later.

Not only can you process letters and cards, you can also send direct mail campaigns, payslips, reminders and other mass mailings. With an intuitive interface you remain in complete control at all times.


  • Costs – By sending mail from your desktop you can save up to 60% on standard office mail
  • Productivity – Improve your workflow productivity, by reduced labour time not having to print, fold, stuff, label, frank and deliver to the post office
  • Validation – ArcMail can help improve your database too. Its automatic postcode validation facility checks every time you upload address data, helping you save money by not paying to send undeliverable mail
  • Audit – Our online postal dashboard will allow you to monitor the complete process from submission to delivery and your savings
  • Implementation – ArcMail is a simple driver install

Inbound Mail Service

Every day, organisations receive large volumes of incoming documents, both in the post and by electronic methods. The ability to distribute this information promptly can significantly improve your operational efficiency and reduce processing costs.

E-mails with or without attachments, faxes and e-forms can be detected and delivered automatically to your inbox.

How Does It Work?

  • Selected incoming documents arrive at our secure AIM production centre via a PO Box number dedicated to you
  • Your hard copy mail is opened, sorted, digitally captured and all relevant data extracted
  • Incoming Email mail is processed, sorted, digitally processed straight to your inbox
  • Your mail is sent directly to your inbox, for quick access
  • Our secure mailroom cloud can be used or Data is uploaded into your choice of system within an agreed SLA
  • Documents are securely destroyed or returned to customer


  • Reducing the decision cycle – One major benefit of turning all incoming paper mail into images as soon as it is received, is the extent to which it shortens the decision cycle
  • Rationalising the circulation of information – The various technologies at the heart of digital mailrooms help companies rationalise their processes, e.g. it allows companies to reduce costs associated with resending documents between sites
  • Reducing paper costs – Mailroom costs not only include staff costs involved in the distribution of letters, but also the costs associated with the resending, loss or deterioration of documents. A digital mailroom implementation has a direct effect on all those costs and becomes a key element of competitiveness for the company
  • Audit – Ensuring incoming mail tracking has become a necessity for the majority of companies, with compliance regulation being a major factor. The earlier a document is transformed into an image file, the more reliably it can be tracked throughout its life cycle
  • Improving customer service – The electronic management of incoming mail improves the handling of documents within service oriented companies and agencies. It enhances the quality of the service offered to customers by allowing staff to instantly access customer files and answer questions immediately

True Hybrid Communication Services…


ArcMail provides advance combined hybrid post and email deliverability. Our powerful solutions send communication, transactional and marketing email for customers, allowing them to focus on their business, instead of their information management infrastructure.

With over 20% of wanted emails never reaching the inbox, email delivery is never guaranteed. At ArcMail, our focus is to ensure your emails have the safest and most effective route to the inbox.

Emailed items that are undelivered are automatically re-directed back in to you traditional print and post service.

SMS Gateway

Improve your communication by sending one-way SMS or voice messages to your clients. Reach out to them through our ArcMail platform with the information you want to share.

Interact with your clients. Make sure they can get in touch with you and are able to reply to your messages via a unique managed two-way communication.

Store your mail documents in the Cloud

ARC’s Information Management platform puts your digital documents in the Cloud where they can be searched and retrieved at a moment’s notice on any device, no matter where you are.

Our proprietary search engine even allows you to search for text strings inside any document type. No more guessing which box to pull and have delivered; just enter a search term and put your best ideas from the past to work in the future.

SKYSITE INFOLINK offers a comprehensive, secure, and easy-to-use Cloud document management system that will save money, increase efficiency, protect you against risk, and help ensure compliance with record retention policies and procedures.

ARC Cloud helps you:

  • Significantly reduce warehousing and data retrieval costs
  • Eliminate time-consuming searches through folders and far-flung box storage
  • Protect your valuable information from fire, flood, and other natural disasters
  • Increase productivity and collaboration with fast, easy mobile access, and search
  • Create or refine document retention procedures that protect your business assets

See the ArcMail Brochure


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