Technology Solutions

Transforming the way you work

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ARC’s Technology solutions provide Architects, Engineers, General Contractors, Specialty Trade Contractors, and Facilities Managers with powerful document management tools.

Our tools let you view any construction document, at any time, in any format, anywhere you want. Digitise, manage, retrieve, print, and archive your critical construction information to start and complete projects faster than you ever thought possible. With ARC.

Our Technology Solutions include:

Building Information Modelling Support Services ranging from clash detection, photo-realistic renderings, 3D animations, BIM models, 4D scheduling, CAD & RevitTM drafting support, BIM library, to Discrepancy / RFI reports and more. BIM Managers count on ARC for staff augmentation and BIM project outsourcing.

Project Information Management for your construction documents helps you gain direct access between documents or parts of a document, instantly jump from origin to destination, access all your construction documents with one click and navigate your construction or building data through a simple-to-use dashboard.

ishipdocs lets you send, share, edit, store, and print any document anywhere in the world in less than 24 hours. With ishipdocs, upload your documents and rapidly deliver high-quality printed documents anywhere through ARC’s international print network. No hardware or software required.

Archive and Information Management converts your paper and digital data into information and your information into business knowledge.


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