Recondo Hoardings

Add a new dimension to print advertisement with Recondo Hoardings

Two advertising opportunities. One space.

Recondo Hoardings

recondo-logoRecondo™ uses our unique print technology to allow two different images to be printed on a single advertisement hoarding. They can be viewed from different angles, which is a fantastic opportunity for areas with moving traffic and crowds. Recondo hoarding offers cost-effective large format printing of two messages on a single surface. So, you can showcase more than one product on the same surface.

Two advertising opportunities. One space.

Created using our high-quality large format digital printers, our hoarding is constructed with durable Dibond panels. The Recondo™ print advertising system takes advantage of our premium anti-graffiti laminate to ensure that your advertisement stands up against the rigors of a high traffic area. The anti-graffiti substrates allow enough adherence without any damage to your large format outdoor printing. The large banner display smack middle of a busy street or stadium can attract numerous eyeballs towards your products or services. Get economical with your print advertisement with Recondo Hoardings that uses a single surface to tell two different stories, deliver twice the message for twice the results.


Give your messages the ultimate stand-out

From retail stores to property developers and advertising agencies, Recondo™ can help increase your advertising opportunities in a unique and eye-catching manner. Everybody knows large format printing for promotions would include the basics such as banners, posters and printed displays. But with Recondo Hoardings you can stand out from the crowd with unique print technology, make it memorable for the viewers.

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A new perspective

Find out how Recondo Hoardings can make a difference in your promotions. Watch the video below to see just how ARC and Recondo™ can offer you a new perspective in your print advertising. We bring a whole new dimension to the usual large format outdoor printing with our special dual-message delivery Recondo print technique.

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