Onsite large format document scanning services

Large scale document scanning and archival services

ARC can help you scan large format documents like plans up to A0 and archive them for storage and easy access. We have the most advanced document scanning technology that helps us scan and retain information from delicate older drawings. Mylar and vellum documents are our specialty.

Onsite bulk document scanning

Get convenient onsite bulk scanning services from ARC using our 30 years of industry experience and sophisticated document scanning and archiving system. Your critical documents will never leave your premises, thereby ensuring security and easy access whenever you need it while the scanning process is underway.

Document archiving

Cloud-based document archival helps you retain your documents, preserve the ‘tribal knowledge’ of personnel in an organized format, offers easy access to documents while keeping them safe from damage or loss. ARC’s very own cloud-based document archiving solution SKYSITE, helps you organize your scanned documents into digital records that are easy to navigate and access from any device, any time, anywhere.

Slide and negative conversion

ARC’s special scanning services can help you scan and convert all your photos, slides and negatives into high-quality digital images. Get 30 years’ worth of experience in film production and conversion services at your disposal.

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