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Powerful technology solutions are emerging, but customers are at varying stages in the transition to a digital workflow. Although they are continuously searching for the latest tools designed for the industry, when adopting digital document management, they need assistance to move at the rate that makes the most sense for them.

Traditionally, document management in the construction industry has been paper based, labour intensive, slow, costly and prone to error. Due to long project lifecycles and multiple user communities, a fragmented document workflow still exists on many projects today.

A High-Touch and High-Tech Solution for the AEC Industry

ARC’s secure and scalable document workflow covers the entire project lifecycle and connects

far-flung teams and locations. We’ve built a process that allows for documents to move from design and collaboration, to bid and build, and lastly to operation.

How have we done this? By integrating our products and services into a comprehensive digital workflow. Major elements of the workflow include hyperlinking services, Building Information Modeling, PlanWell Cloud, PlanWell SmartScreens, mobile apps for project collaboration, and Archiving and Information Management.

PlanWell SmartScreens

No matter where your meeting participants are located – onsite, in the office, or on the road – PlanWell SmartScreens make it easy to communicate, collaborate, and stay connected. Greatly increase construction and environmental efficiency as well as substantially reducing costs of reprographic services. Centralise document management through the latest digital
technology application.

Hyperlinking Services

Most construction projects have thousands of pages of documents — from drawings and specifications to RFIs. For a project manager, a subcontractor, or design team to navigate through that many pages quickly is impossible. That’s where hyperlinking comes in.

Our hyperlinking service links all of your project documents in one master file and maintains it for the life of the project. Project documents are stored in a cloud-based, syncing tool, which allows all team members to view the latest information in real time. All ARC hyperlinked projects can be viewed on iPads and mobile devices.

Building Information Modeling

Our BIM services group creates quality BIM models and objects for data management and collaboration. BIM service reduces financial uncertainty for owners and developers and minimises time delays and change orders. Our suite of BIM products span the building lifecycle, providing variable deliverables aligned with each stage of operation.


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