Graphic Installations

Solutions that maximise your branding potential

Complete Brand Applications.

At ARC we have produced and installed almost every imaginable kind of graphic and signage element you can dream of. From the installation of Europe’s largest wall graphic to the simple application of wallpapers and window vinyl’s for some of the world’s largest organisations and leading brands. We continue to provide support them all.

At ARC we can offer complete production and on-site installation for all of your graphic requirements. Our highly experienced teams are fully briefed prior to the commencement of installations. Once on site our teams work from clear proofs and layouts created by our in-house design teams signed off by you. Our approach ensures that graphics are handled correctly and installed with little or no need for supervision or guidance.

Indoor installations

Prior to production and installation of graphics ARC insist that a comprehensive survey of your site and surroundings is carried out to establish precisely what is required to maximise your branding potential. Our professional review includes advice and details of materials, production processes and production turnarounds. Our account manager will consult, advise and liaise with you to achieve a professional final look and installation. From site survey to installation we provide a professional project management service. Our state of the art production technology and expertise delivers outstanding results time and time again.

Outdoor installations

Window vinyl’s, hoarding graphics and banners can be a very effective way of displaying a message, launching a product or brand or just grabbing attention, whether it be in a retail environment, trade show/exhibition or reception area/ meeting rooms.

Cost-effective and quick to produce and install, even large-scale projects can be taken from concept to completion in a matter of days rather than weeks.

As well as producing and installing window graphics, covering large areas of glass with full colour printed vinyl graphics, we can also create window decals, partially covering a window with smaller, shaped graphics or individual cut-out lettering. Frosted vinyl and Contravision applications is also available for privacy areas.

Services include:

  • Consultancy
  • Installation
  • Site surveys
  • Digital printing
  • Lamination
  • Design
  • Exhibition design, build and install
  • Project management
  • Digital media installation

Products include:

  • Window graphics
  • Wall graphics
  • Architectural manifestations
  • Exhibition graphics
  • Museum graphics
  • Signage
  • Banners
  • Posters
  • Digital media displays


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