ARC is helping to wash Covid-19, from the nation’s hair, with our unique range of Safety Signage and Partitioning solutions, which are a ‘Cut Above’ the rest!

ARC Document Solutions

We are currently working, with the nations Hairdressers, to help them re-open their Salon’s with our unique range of Social Distancing and Safety Solutions, which have received worldwide acclaim for their visual impact and effectiveness.

As the UK’s most trusted and experienced Covid Safety Solutions Provider, we’ve developed a unique range of SD Signage and 100% Recyclable Partitioning options.

We’re providing everything Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy Salon Owners need to create a safe, welcoming, relaxing and non-threatening environment, in which to welcome back their Stylists and Beauticians to make their customers look and feel great again!

All our safety signage, and associated products, are available from our innovative Catalogue Based – Easy Order System, which has been invaluable in fast tracking Salons back to a fully compliant Welcome-Back! Status:  link to latest catalogue

Oh, and we’ve also been providing Salons with the world’s safest and most effective Hand Sanitiser? Find out more at:


ARC Document Solutions

When we created ARC-UK, we did so with the express desire of bringing a unique offering to the market – the diversity of a complete print manufacturer combined with bespoke design and brand management.

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