ARC is delighted to have conjured up some Magical Safety Signage Wizardry for Warner Brothers Studios!

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Warner Brothers Studios knew they were in for a bumpy ride, when Covid kicked in, so they battened down the hatches until it was time to emerge from the darkness, into the light, and begin the long journey back to a new ‘normal’.

One of the world’s most iconic and revered film studios thought our amazing safety signage solutions were simply magic so they asked us to help them Re-open, Stay open and Stay safe, as they began their gradual re-emergence from lockdown.

ARC’s Vice President of our UK and European Operations – Ross Snell – personally managed the relationship, and initial conceptual process, to ensure this flagship global studio received the optimum level of VIP Customer Service afforded to each and every one of our valued clients – The fact Ross is also a massive Harry Potter fan may also have been a deciding factor upon him becoming directly involved!

ARC is globally renowned for our own brand of custom designed, and progressively developed, safety signage; however, this project was all about our more expansive range of welfare products, which have been conceptually produced to maximise people’s safety, during this highly disruptive period of global uncertainty.

The products we were asked to supply included branded wristbands, in multiple colours, to denote the individuals ‘Covid’ status; this is a key measure in maintaining the safety of the studio’s visitors and staff.

ARC is now widely recognised as the world’s foremost provider of Social Distancing, Wayfinding, and Informative Safety Signage; aligned to our very own ‘bespoke’ range of recyclable, portable and adaptable partitioning options, which can, of course, be fully branded and personalised.

We are proud to offer the most complete range of Covid-Safe products and services, within a comprehensive – sector specific – catalogue; specifically designed for easy ‘walk-through’ product selection.

To find out more about our fully compliant range of safety signage and services, please get in touch to arrange an on-line or on-site consultation:


ARC Document Solutions

When we created ARC-UK, we did so with the express desire of bringing a unique offering to the market – the diversity of a complete print manufacturer combined with bespoke design and brand management.

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